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- Rubber stamp

- Ticket & Voucher

- Corporate folder



- Business Envelope

- Flyer

- Contact proof



- Postcard & Greeting card

- Letterhead

- Biz document


- Business cards

- Catalogue & Menu

- Brochure



Digital / Offset Printing

We pride ourselves for fast turnaround times, superior quality, cost effectiveness, and custom made solutions for these products:

Empowered with modern technology and well trained professionals, we offer advanced digital and offset printing services to our clients.

Other Services:

Are you confused about the advantages digital and offset printing offer and how to fully utilize them?


Below is a brief overview of their differences and benefits, and a quick checklist to help you decide which is a better option for you.

Digital Printing

Offset Printing

Studies have shown that variable content drives more effective marketing due to its relevant, highly personalized content. As such, you might require lower minimum quantities each time.


Digital printing has a lower short-run cost to accommodate such needs.



- Support rush print-runs; shorter turnaround time

- Print quantity is extremely flexible

- Variable date capability (where unique numbers or code is      required on each print)


Offset printing technology burns the desired print image onto a plate and is then offset from the plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.


It’s the most common high volume commercial printing method. In other words, the higher the quantity, the lower the unit cost.



- High image quality

- Quality and cost-effectiveness in high volume jobs


5 points to consider when making your decision:


1. Quantity: Very short runs are much more cost effective with digital printing

2. Printing medium: Offset printing offers the most flexibility ie.unusual print surface such as specialty paper

3. Turnaround: Generally, digital printing has a shorter turnaround time

4. Proofing: Color proofing for offset printing involves very high costs

5. Customization: If customization is required, it can only be done through digital printing

Still unsure which method is better for you? Let our friendly customer service officer assist you. Call us at 6841 6394 for Digital Printing Singapore

Superlink is providing high quality and professional Digital Printing Services including Banner Printing, Namecard Printing, Flyers Printing and Business Card Printing in Singapore at great price

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