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The Pantone Color Matching System is a largely standardized color reproduction system. By standardizing the colors, different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another.
We are the approved distibutor for Pantone products that offer color matching system for different industries:

 - Pantone Graphics Arts - Printing, Publishing & Packaging

 - Pantone Home & Fashion

 - Pantone Plastics


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ORAFOL's Graphic Tapes Division offers you a full complement of Graphic materials:



ORACAL®        Superior self-adhesive films for plotting and printing

ORAJET®         Self-adhesive films for high quality digital printing

ORAGUARD®   Full range of laminating films to best protect your artwork

ORAMASK®     High quality stencil and sandblasting films for very special designs

ORALUX®        Solution for indoor marking of emergency exits and danger spots

ORATAPE®      Full range of application materials for easy montage of plotter films

ORABOND®     The perfect solution for mounting front plates and displays

ORAFILM®       Solution for mounting front plates and displays on porous surfaces

ORAMOUNT®  100% reliable mounting films, even for heavy displays

ORALITE®        Complete product range for the manufacture of traffic signs


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"You can buy an ordinary trimmer, or you can invest in a Rotatrim"
We are proud to be distributors of Rotatrim trimmers which are unrivalled in their quality, accuracy, reliability and longevity.
Range of trimmers that we carry includes:


M12 Professional Trimmer (A4)

M15 Professional Trimmer (A4+)

M18 Professional Trimmer (A3)

M24 Professional Trimmer (A2)

M30 Professional Trimmer (A2+)

M36 Professional Trimmer (A1)

M42 Professional Trimmer (A1+)

M54 Professional Trimmer (A0)


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PEAK® originates from Japan for its optical products and aids.


PEAK® products are known worldwide for their very highest quality of craftsmanship. They are slightly more expensive than the average magnifier but there is no question about their quality.



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Ulano originates from Brooklyn – New York.

It is a stencil-making products and chemicals for screen process printing.

We also supply Masking Films, Direct Emulsions, Chemicals  & Pigment Inkjet Film.  


Masking Film

Rubylith RU3: Red masking film; use with light sensitive media having orthochromatic sensitivity.

Suitable with all screen process photographic stencil sysytems.


Direct Emulsion

It is most widely used type of stencil. For a given square area of stencil, direct emulsion has the lowest material cost. Direct emulsion formulations were more versatile than those of film. So that emulsions could be used with a wider variety of inks and in a greater range of printing applications.



Magic Mesh Prep: Ready to use; combines the properties of screen degreaser, wetting agent and antistatic treatment. Treated with Magic Mesh Prep, screen fabric can be coated with emulsion more evenly and transfers ink more readily during printing.


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Reflective Material for Advertising

*XW5200 Engineering Grade Reflective Sheet Acrylic Type (5 Years)

*XW5100 Engineering Grade Reflective Sheet PET Type (5 Years)

*XW3200 Engineering Grade Reflective Sheet Acrylic Type (3 Years)

*XW3100 Engineering Grade Reflective Sheet PET Type (3 Years)

*XW5200 Engineering Grade Reflective Sheet Acrylic Type (5 Years)


Size: 1.24m x 45.7m

Available Colors: White / Yellow / Blue / Green / Red / Orange



*XW10-11 Commercial Grade Beaded Luminescent Film. Type: PET / 4 – 6 hours

*XW10-31 PVC Luminescent Film. Type: PVC / 4 – 6 Hours  


Size: 1.24m x 45.7m 


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Vinyl Sticker (Origin: Taiwan)

OPP Transfer Tape – Size: 1.2m x 100m

Static Sticker For Car Decal – Size: 1.06m x 100m / 1.06m x 50m

Frosted Sticker (002) – Size: 1.27m x 50m

Frosted Sticker (005) – Size: 0.914m x 50m / 1.27m x 50m

Soft PVC Film White (Gloss & Matt Surface) – Size: 1.26m x 50m

Soft PVC Film Transparent (Gloss & Matt Surface) – Size: 1.26m x 50m

White Gloss Block Out Permanent Vinyl – Size: 1.26m x 50m



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